Enterprise needs

Alteia's special features to meet with the needs of large enterprise


Build and Deploy your own AI Apps

Internalize AI knowledge and knowhow as part of your core business.
Focus on your vertical expertise without the pain of building a full stack from scratch.
Use Alteia’s framework to build and deploy at scale.

Create an app that interacts with your data using the SDK

Use AI framework or your own tool to process your data

Package your app in a Docker

Use Alteia’s CLI to push your Docker on the platform

Your app is instantly deployed on the platform and can be run by all members of your organisation


Your own choice of hosting

Alteia is infrastructure-agnostic.
Our SaaS multitenant instance is the best choice for an easy and economic deployment.
Or you can get your own instance installed on your own public cloud account or on premise.

Large enterprise might prefer using Alteia ported on their own AWS, Azure or CGP acount either by policy or convenience:

  • Data security: enterprise asset data is critical. A single tenant solutions ported on a secured space and managed inhouse will meet the highest of corporate security requirements.
  • Integration to an IT portfolio: The highest degrees of integration can be achieved, by mutualizing services and managing the IT ecosystem as a whole.


White labelling

Brand the platform to your own name.
For internal use or for commercializing your solution to your customers.
Additonal roles and permissions are added, to follow up your users or customers activity.

Access to the web portal through a dedicated URL

Personalise the look and feel to make it your product


Enterprise grade security

Our robust security program is based on the ISO 27001 Standard and the EBIOS methodology.
We perform corporate security processes and regular architecture audits on a regular basis.
We’re compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation.

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