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Customer Success Engineer

Remote, US

Alteia is a leading enterprise A.I software provider focused on streamlining the use of visual data to generate real-time business intelligence.

Developing and deploying visual intelligence at scale requires the use of complex technology stacks where algorithms and models need to be placed at the center of business operations. That’s why Alteia delivers a family of integrated products that have been purpose-built to accelerate the implementation of A.I applications, making quick work of large data sets from disparate systems:

  • the Alteia software platform to rapidly contextualize large amounts of disparate data and operate enterprise A.I applications quickly.
  • the Alteia pre-built SaaS applications, for rapidly addressing high-value use cases in various market segments. 

As part of the Sales team, under the responsibility of the Chief Business Officer, the Customer Success Engineer will become an expert in the Alteia platform, Alteia modules and Alteia applications to enable and assist Alteia customers to use Alteia software environment.

Your responsibilities:

 Your responsibilities as Customer Success Engineer will be as follows:

  • Evaluate potential upsells and cross-sell opportunities within the existing customer basis
  • Guide Alteia customers on how to deploy and maintain their own applications; enables new and flexible customer workflows between mobile apps, cloud, and desktop applications
  • Leverage the SDK to generate small apps on the Platform to help the customers
  • Assess and communicate to the Product team customer product change requests
  • Contribute to the evolution of the Alteia customer support organization with industry best practices and tools to support improving customer support experiences
  • Work professionally with Products, Sales and Marketing teams to implement, validate and, where necessary, document solutions under different formats (knowledge base, webinars,..).
  • Assist in planning and validation of Alteia product releases
  • Customer Training/Optimization: Train and maintain client proficiency to support and increase total platform usage
  • Perform troubleshooting, modifications and testing of applications and solutions

Your profile:


  • GIS expertise
  • Strong analysis, judgment and synthetic thinking skills: able to understand technical issue and to provide efficient support: “If there is a problem I have a solution” attitude.
  • Empathic person, passionate about solving problems and helping customers succeed
  • Proven ability to work effectively in a dynamic, fast-paced environment
  • Autonomous. Ability to work remotely from headquarter


  • Advanced degree would be preferred
  • An expertise in Python and using SDK would be appreciated
  • Industry Knowledge applied to:
    • AI and computer vision
    • Visual technologies (UAV, Remote Sensing, Lidar,..)
    • Mapping and Survey
    • Visual Data Management

Alteia provides a competitive compensation package and a stimulating working environment.

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