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User Experience
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Vector Editing

Feature dimensions can be changed by the user.

The width and height of a shape can be specified using input values.
– For rectangles, the dimensions keep the shape and all the selected rectangles take the exact specified dimensions.
– For any other shape, the resizing is done on the theoretical “bounding box” around all the shapes.

The user can also change features rotation by specifying an input value.

By default, the input value is empty. The specified degrees will add an offset to the initial rotation; each degree change made by the user will add an offset to the already existing rotation.

Microplot Designer Tool
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Microplot Designer Analytic

Two attributes were renamed:
– block_plot_id will be: md_plot_id
– parent_id will be: md_trial_id

md stands for microplot designer to indicate that the microplot vector comes from the Microplot Designer and is not imported.

/!\ This modification may have an impact on the APIs used to extract files containing these attributes.

No migration has been initiated. Previously generated layers shall keep the old names.

InField iOS Mobile App
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Surveys & Survey dates

A dedicated “surveys” button allows to view all surveys for a given site.

The survey data for each survey is now taken from the device settings.This allows the user to view dates in the regionally preferred format.

Layer management

The layers button now launches the layer panel from the bottom of the screen.

Layer panel can be resized to full screen for improved layer management.
It can also be cleared or hidden with a swipe down gesture.

Flight Layers

The user can visualize all flight layers.

Clicking on an image location allows the user to view image properties as well as the image.
Clicking on a GCP allows the user to view the target location details.

Vector Viewing improvement

Vector styles will match the web platform.

Properties can be viewed for any vector feature by clicking on the feature.
Associated images can be viewed by clicking on the “Pictures” sub category.

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