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Upload files - Parse DXF style

The new “Parse DXF style” option is available in the file loader. When enabled, the Aether platform automatically assigns the appropriate style to each layer based on the layer style in the source file.

Parse DXF style” automates the difficult manual task of making an uploaded DXF file match its original style and format.

Now, complex and color-coded design files from external solutions such as CAD, GIS, or design software are Drag & Drop, saving significant time and effort for the user.

Use case examples:

  • Construction: Color-coded underground utility surveys will automatically match the company’s style standards
  • Engineering: Complex civil design files can be leveraged by multiple stakeholders without manual work
  • Mining: Large scale, long range mine plans can be easily integrated for reference against all surveys

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3D Viewer - Data Clipping

The new Data Clipping feature expands data exploration capabilities within the 3D Viewer. It is available as a standard 3D Viewer feature and can be activated once 3D data is available in a survey allowing for a new type of visibility filtering.

Achieve new views:

  • Interior views from BIM data or SLAM lidar scans
  • Complex data with blocked views or hard angels
  • Transect views of narrow spaces
  • Cutaway views of vertical objects

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Cold Storage Module

Cold Storage is a low cost storage option to archive massive amount of data that is no longer in active use and doesn’t require fast access. 

With this release, Alteia Administrators have now the capability to archive customer data in Cold Storage on demand for customers.

This is the initial rollout of cold storage features which will continue to arrive in upcoming releases to enable client autonomy with archival, retrieval and deletion tools available in the user interface.

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