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Data Studio
Advanced 3D viewer - major improvements

Point clouds and massive 3D models are now supported. This is a major upgrade of Aether platform in terms of 3D capabilities and technology.

  • Tiled 3D Models (obj format only) uploaded from a zip archive are possible
  • Users have the option to switch from standard to advanced 3D viewer easily on existing project

Knowledge base article : Advanced 3D viewer


Massive 3D model demo video :

Data Studio
Rasters in Annotation report

Annotation report can now include :

  • any rasters in background (rasters managed by the platform such as DSM, Scouting maps…)
  • annotation description

New footer with additional info such as company, project, survey names, survey date, author, and pagination.

Knowledge base article : Annotation report


Demo video :

Data Studio
Vector labels improvements
  • Capability to see labels when zooming out as long as they don’t overlap each other
  • Better visibility of point features by displaying their label on top instead of above the feature
  • Capability to create a style with labels only (without color scale)

Knowledge base article : Vector Layers Styling


Demo video :

Data Studio
New supported multispectral sensor

Micasense Altum-PT sensor is now supported for photogrammetry with Pix4D engine.

Only Multispectral bands are compatible (thermal is out of scope).

Knowledge base articles :

Supported drones and devices

Supported sensors for photogrammetry

Compatible Sensors for Agriculture and their Settings

Aether rebranding
”Site” is now called “project”

In the frame of Aether rebranding activities, and for enhanced user understanding and communication, new wordings are applied on the platform.

Therefore, a “site” is now called a “project”; since the Alteia platform goes beyond the management of physical sites to include aspects such as data analysis, collaboration, or project management, the term “project” better encapsulates the full range of functionalities across industries.


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