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User Experience
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Geometry edition

You have now the possibility to delete a vector feature (polygon, point, line).

For example, in digital phenotyping, you can delete a microplot that is not necessary for an analysis.

You can also add or delete vertex on a single polygon.

For example, in digital phenotyping you can adapt the shape of a microplot to fit the real boundaries.

SDK and CLI for developers
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SDK and CLI upgrade

At Platform level, for Enterprise Licence only:
We now allow developer to create, update, delete a high level configuration of analytics that will be applicable to a selection of companies within a domain.
It means that for one analytic, several configurations can be set for targeted companies. Those custom settings are “company” specific and don’t change regularly; they can be different from the ones defined by the users in the interface.

This upgrade has no impact on current analytics in the platform or on the APIs already put in place by a customer.

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