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Architecture, technical features, and benefits.



Technical features and benefits

Application development

Focus on your core business without the pain of building a full-stack from scratch. With Alteia's framework, you can develop and deploy at scale your own AI applications or leverage Alteia's dev team to do so:
  • Create applications that interact with your data using our SDK.
  • Use pre-built ML models or train your models to process your data.
  • Package your applications into the docker repository of your choice.
  • Push your application into the platform using Alteia's CLI.
  • Deploy your application instantaneously to make it available to your entire organization.

ML Ops

  • Retrain algorithms as needed.
  • Manage retraining pipelines based on incoming data.
  • Detect anomalies as they occur when using unsupervised algorithms.
  • Update the predictions for business users as needed, using the latest data.
  • Leverage our ML Ops expertise.

Data Governance and Security

Once AI enters live streaming applications, data pipelines, and algorithms are entrusted with complex decision making. With proper tooling and care, AI can quickly inform mission-critical business processes in ways that are fair, transparent, and secure.
  • Supervise, assess, and configure the right level of automation with “human-in-the-loop” AI supervision and decision making.
  • Configure when to automatically retrain and promote models based on key performance metrics and checks, or set up an expert approval process.
  • Monitor your data to understand how your organization interacts with the platform.
  • Meet rigorous security and governance requirements with rich metadata including Single Sign On, data encryption, etc.

Data Integration

  • Ingest data and integrate efficiently with Data Management APIs.
  • Analyze data effectively with the Analytics API.
  • Organize data and set terms for how your users interact with it with the Project Management API. Further organize per location (projects) and acquisition date (mission).
  • Access low-level micro-services with thousands of documented endpoints.
  • Map service
    • Feature Service
    • Map Service
    • Annotation API

Platform deployment

Seamlessly connect to, and work in harmony with major cloud infrastructure and service providers without compromising on stringent data governance, compliance, and security requirements.
Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services

Leverage the power of Amazon Web Services as part of a single-, multi-, or hybrid-cloud environment for developing, deploying, and operating next-generation AI applications. Scale across a multiplicity of data sources to generate and operationalize predictive insights.

Google Cloud

Google Cloud

Seamlessly deliver the Alteia platform on Google Cloud, leveraging its cutting-edge infrastructure and AI services as part of a multi or hybrid-cloud environment.

Azure Cloud

Azure Cloud

Use the Alteia platform to leverage the full power of Azure services for the rapid design, development, deployment, and operation of next-generation AI applications. Drive predictive insights, add business value, and solve previously unsolvable problems.

Data collection, contextualization, and visualization

Contextualizing data at scale, the Alteia platform enables you to make data-driven decisions across your organization.
  • Visualize realistically with powerful tools in 2D and 3D, including change detection algorithms and time series analysis.
  • Contextualize your data automatically with built-in tools that rely on AI and accelerate the data analysis process.
  • Work anywhere with the mobile application for field collection and ground truthing.
  • Plan, track, and validate your data collection campaigns using the integrated data collection planning tools.

Technical features

 Technical Data Sheet

Alteia Software

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pre-built ML models


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less code for developers to write and maintain.

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