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Alteia, the Visual Intelligence platform for enterprise

Alteia offers a comprehensive suite of tools to enable your digital transformation. It allows data scientists, business analysts and technical experts to collaborate on one singe source of truth, in order to build predictive models and customized high-value applications. Alteia brings your teams and digital assets together by making an easy connection with the real world, and helps you optimize your operations and maintenance strategies.

Our Story

Our team has 10+ years of experience in capturing and analyzing high resolution spatial imagery and massive LIDAR Pointclouds. ALTEIA is the expression of that knowledge.


Creation of Delair in Toulouse, France to manufacture fixed-wing industrial drones for capturing asset visualizations


Delair began to develop its own data storage and AI software to provide insight to enterprise clients with drones


The software division of Delair partners with Intel

The launch of integrated AI consultancy and integration services


Acquisition of key software assets from Airware and Redbird for the mining and construction industries


the delair.ai software establishes itself as the industry’s most powerful AI cloud platform for GIS and imagery


delair.ai spins off from Delair
to become Alteia

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