Integrate, unify, and contextualize disparate visual data streams, internal and external, into a single logical data image.

Accelerate your AI development with visual intelligence by leveraging our pre-built computer vision models, or integrate your own models using an intuitive user interface.

Apply AI-based applications across your organization to quickly transform your visual intel into valuable business insights. Grow and adapt with your data in real-time for continuously intelligent business decisions.

Combine internal and external data onto a single platform to build, navigate, and visualize a contextualized data image.

  • Combine your data into a single stream with the contextualization and cataloging tools.
  • Run operations on your data with the enterprise transformation models and photogrammetry engines.
  • Navigate and visualize your data model (in 2D and 3D), and explore complex data dependencies using powerful visualization tools.
  • dv

    Data Visualization

  • dc

    Data Contextualization

  • dtt

    Data Transformation Tools

  • ma

    Mobile Application

  • dpm

    Data Pipeline Manager

  • 3dp

    3D & Photogrammetry Pipelines

The Alteia platform offers a variety of tools to accelerate the development of AI-based applications.

  • Use Time Series to get the historical information that can be analyzed by AI and ML algorithms to generate and test predictive models
  • Leverage pre-built ML models or build upon them to reflect your unique business process. If you want something still more bespoke, you can develop custom object models.
  • Label data with internal and external teams simultaneously.
  • Implement incremental learning workflows.
  • Compute and cross-analyze information using intuitive user interfaces.
  • emlp

    Enterprise ML Packages

  • tsa

    Time Series Analytics

  • sat

    Smart Annotation Tools

  • dct

    Data Computational Toolkit

The Alteia platform enables the deployment of AI applications that seamlessly work with existing data storage, enterprise source systems, tools, and underlying infrastructure. It is designed to connect to and work in harmony with major cloud infrastructure and service providers without compromising on data governance, compliance, and security requirements.

  • Monitor all aspects of the platform for improved performance.
  • Fully control user access and user management.
  • Implement feedback loops for quality control and incremental learning.
  • Leverage our set of APIs and SDK for easy integration into your existing software environment.
  • cms

    Customer Managed Security

  • sso

    Single Sign-On

  • fl

    Feedback Loop

  • um

    User Management

  • api


  • sdk


  • mc

    Monitoring Console