Visual Intelligence for Agriculture & Forestry

Transform your operations using AI-applications on Alteia.


Closely monitor fields and crops to improve production management


Run operations more sustainably and profitably


Forecast harvests more easily and accurately

Application examples

Automate, scale and standardize field trials

Spend less time and money while accelerating your go-to market strategy with annotated digital twins and reliable micro-plot data.

Deploy efficient open field high-throughput phenotyping solution.

Reduce human error risks to get accurate trait measurements in your micro-plots.

Decrease the bottleneck of hiring seasonal workers.

Measure traits and plant responses faster, precisely, and repeatedly, with a standardized methodology.

Build spatial benchmarks and make better-informed decisions.

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Digitize and automate crop traits assessment

Accelerate your AI roadmap by creating and deploying your own algorithms.

Plan and parameterize the data collection required to build your own analytics.

Process the data, visualize and inspect digital twins.

Use Alteia’s AI capabilities to build and validate your algorithms.

Integrate and deploy your new trait assessment solution.

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Optimize inputs

Deploy a fully automated, end-to-end solution for precision weed control, down to the sprayer terminal.

Create algorithms and agronomic rules to deploy prescription maps.

AI detects vegetation in bare soil before planting or growing in-between the cultivated rows.

Alteia calculates the precise surface to be sprayed, in order to use only the input you need.

Send prescription maps to the console by integrating with external applications, such as MyJohnDeere.

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Implement AI for tree plantation inventory and management

Leverage Artificial Intelligence for counting trees and estimating trees parameters.

Import or create field boundaries.

Plan the data collection throughout the season.

Estimate the number of trees and their characteristics.

Calculate the density to optimize agronomic practices and support decisions to replant.

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Monitor production​

Get more accurate yield estimates and improve agronomic decisions.

Automate visual analysis to estimate production.

Build high level dashboards of field status and yield KPIs.

Run stand count, fraction cover, and other Ag index analysis.

Determine areas to be sampled with a clear map for agronomists.

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Make your own applications

For use-cases specific to your activities, leverage Alteia’s Visual Intelligence toolset to develop your own applications or have our experienced developers and data science team do it for you