Visual Intelligence for Oil & Gas

Transform your operations using AI-applications on Alteia.


Optimize maintenance operations and project planning


Improve integrity management to maximize safety and uptime


Monitor operations environmental footprint and report

Application examples

Increase integrity management and maintenance efficiency with immediate ROI

Leverage infrastructure digital twins and AI to increase defect detection and reduce downtime.

Monitor changes on digital twins over time and detect defects before they cause incidents.

Plan maintenance operations more efficiently with better and additional data.

Build more insightful maintenance reports and work orders directly from the digital twins.

Analyze surrounding environment changes to detect leaks on pipelines.

Constantly monitor pipelines

Detect critical changes and unauthorized activities in the right-of-way environment.

Compare aerial surveys over time to detect threats such as buckling, landslides, soil erosion, pipeline heave in frost and thaw areas, pipeline displacement, etc.

Locate excavators, construction and earthmoving activities near the pipelines.

Compare the status of current sites with land registration and property boundaries to detect discrepancies and comply with regulations.

Sand encroachment
Sand encroachment
Sand encroachment

Build an AI-driven and predictive sand management program

Detect sand encroachment in the vicinity of infrastructures and measure the volumes to be hauled.

Spot accumulation of sand threatening pipeline integrity, affecting road condition and availability of facilities, power plants, wellpads.

Predict future encroachment and dune movement.

Track the building or decommissioning of infrastructures

Complete projects on-time and on-budget by comparing historical surveys and the design. 

Compare digital twins of your physical assets to monitor progress and update the follow-up in your project management software.

Validate the project’s accuracy and accelerate the acceptance process by comparing the as-built vs. as-designed.

Streamline billing for contractors with accurate data.

Make data-driven change decisions and avoid costly discrepancies.

Add layers to your worksite’s digital twin to show a wide range of data sources (CAD files, points clouds, mesh, etc.).

Make your own applications

For use-cases specific to your activities, leverage Alteia’s Visual Intelligence toolset to develop your own applications or have our experienced developers and data science team do it for you