Visual Intelligence for Civil engineering & Construction

Transform your operations using AI-applications on Alteia.


Improve quality control processes and project progress reporting


Avoid redoing construction projects to stay on-schedule and on-budget


Improve infrastructure maintenance efficiency and better anticipate risks of damages and failures

Application examples

Automate construction progress and quality control reporting

Let AI compare your surveys and BIM-generated models over time – at scale. 

Compare historical digital twins, created from drone surveys and laser scans, to automate, scale and accelerate progress reporting

Enhance and automate project’s accuracy validation and quality control processes based on AI-powered “as built vs as designed” comparison.

Automatically detect early signs of discrepancies to avoid the negative impact on your schedule and budget.

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Automate earthwork progress tracking and reporting

Let AI track your earth moving volumes and tonnage rapidly, accurately and repeatedly.

Automatically detect deviations with grading plans early to avoid costly rework and ensure compliance.

Automate progress reports based on “as designed vs. as built” analysis and time comparisons.

Streamline moved volume calculations, contractors’ billing and work acceptance processes.

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Supercharge infrastructure inspections

Leverage AI to automate and scale the detection of defects. 

Scale and automate diagnosis and reporting to increase ability to detect early signs of critical events and optimize maintenance costs.

Automatically generate priority maintenance tasks, based on AI-powered severity analysis.

Build predictive models based on historical data and external sources to predict defect evolution, adjust maintenance planning and anticipate risks.

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Use cases

Make your own applications

For use-cases specific to your activities, leverage Alteia’s Visual Intelligence toolset to develop your own applications or have our experienced developers and data science team do it for you