Visual Intelligence for Mines & Aggregates

Transform your operations using AI-applications on Alteia.


Closely monitor site conditions and control operations


Increase safety and regulatory compliance​


Increase productivity and operations efficiency

Application examples

Take safety compliance to the next level

AI supports your safety roadmap with new actionable insights.

Easily, rapidly and automatically detect and visualize non-compliant heights of every highwall, safety block and berm in a matter of seconds.

Reduce the risk of incidents, avoid fines and minimize shutdowns.

Conduct safety reviews more comprehensively and frequently to ensure safe operating conditions.

Inventory management made easy

Let AI do the heavy lifting for you.

AI automatically identifies stockpiles and calculates volumes and tonnage.

Deliver up-to-date and accurate information to all stakeholders.

Frequent inventories translates to better monitoring and efficiency in the operations lifecycle.

Quickly analyze haul roads conditions and geometry

Automatically calculate and visualize road boundaries, widths, slopes, lengths and elevations of any road in your mine or quarry. 

Automate and scale haul roads issues detection affecting machine efficiency, hauling productivity and safety.

Integrate telematic data from haul trucks with 2D and 3D models to visualize where the alerts occur.

Cut costs on trucks and road maintenance, fuel consumption and hauling efficiency.

Make your own applications

For use-cases specific to your activities, leverage Alteia’s Visual Intelligence toolset to develop your own applications or have our experienced developers and data science team do it for you