Visual Intelligence for Power & Utilities

Transform your operations using AI-applications on Alteia.


Mitigate risks and reduce incidents


Improve asset reliability and reduce downtime


Increase productivity and profitability for maintenance programs

Application examples

Automated infrastructure inspection for augmented maintenance

Label data, train models and deploy analytics for object and defect detection. Validate or invalidate the predictions of the models and improve it continuously over time. 

Generate instant inspection reports with risk profiles and drive optimized maintenance programs.

Integrate results seamlessly into work order software.

Track and document corrective actions.

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Predictive vegetation management program

Automatically flag risk areas (when vegetation is too close from the conductor) based on your data inputs and line characteristics, and display severity in 3D with color codes. 

Create 2D polygons for better visualization on 2D maps and mobile and develop optimized trimming schedules . Enrich your with growth model functions and dynamic sag/sway models.

Integrate results seamlessly into maintenance workflows

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Asset digitization

Identify automatically up to 7 classes classes of objects in Lidar imagery, including conductors, poles, buildings, roads & vegetation (low, medium, high). 

Seamlessly update your GIS database and determine with accuracy where your assets are.

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Make your own applications

For use-cases specific to your activities, leverage Alteia’s Visual Intelligence toolset to develop your own applications or have our experienced developers and data science team do it for you