A Major O&G company Use Case

Developement and deployment of 5 custom AI apps on Alteia to streamline operation and maintenance

As a part of its strategy of digital transformation, one of the world largest energy companies started a collaboration with Alteia to thoroughly evaluate the benefits of visual intelligence on oil & gas production infrastructures management. The scope of works included the development of five specific apps leveraging a variety of structured and unstructured historical data, plus latest data acquisitions, along with the full portage of Alteia platform into a private cloud network to match with highly demanding data privacy and security requirements.

The five apps address key complex industrial challenges encountered in already running and ageing upstream processing plants, in both offshore and onshore environments, plus an investigation of capacities for new plants under construction phase.


1. Sand Encroachement

Located in the Middle East, company land assets are prone to be frequently encroached by sand which results in installations to be silted, causing potential integrity issues and process monitoring disturbance, plus massive and expensive sand hauling operations and barrier installations to be carried out. Alteia leveraged five years of satellite and LiDAR historical data, plus its expertise in developing comparable-purpose vegetation encroachment analytics in european contexts, to develop an analytic application that identifies and computes sand-encroached areas volumes to be hauled, but also predicts future encroachment based on dune migration modeling. This app serves both preventive and corrective maintenance purposes.

2. Solution for as-builts, 3D virtualization, engineering drawing completeness

Recent plants are generally delivered with latest BIM and 3D models but for the staggering majority of older facilities such information is not fully available; the engineering drawing set completeness is at stake, notably when it comes to work on plant upgrades projects. Alteia made use of its expertise in data science and artificial intelligence to build an early solution for as-builts vs. as-designed evaluations, 3D virtualization and engineering information completeness verification, using available plant design files of various formats, and recent aerial drone surveys of physical assets.

3. Construction progress monitoring

Good mastering of plant construction project delivery date is key in oil and gas to ensure that the first oil or first gas date is respected in field development, or that yield increase is obtained without delay. In order to ease the acceptance process, a construction monitoring app was developed in Alteia platform to deliver information on progress, potential deviations, to the engineering and projects department, using visual intelligence from aerial and land imagery.

4. Automated Defects detection

Plant uptime maximisation has a certain impact on revenue and reservoir recovery factor given the fixed duration of a lease. It is often related to detecting and anticipating incoming integrity issues, and to providing the corrective fieldwork prior to the equipment failure. Alteia provided years of expertise in defect detection algorithm development, notably for power transmission and distribution assets, so as to deploy a custom app tailored to defects typically met on safety and relief systems such as flare stacks, which are critical to the plant operation, and whom inspection is to be met when the asset is live. Alteia therefore trained algorithms from company existing datasets of several plants, and qualified detection robustness on additional inspections.

5. Change detection

For a major operator with numerous and country-wide assets, it requires lots of labor intensive work to read satellite and aircraft surveys, so as to monitor for potential change in the vicinity of installations. As a preoccupation to identify trespassing, unauthorized constructions, and other potential threats, a change detection application was developed to reveal weak signs, and help the company geomatics department to improve practices.

As a conclusion, Alteia leveraged the technology-enabling strength from its platform design, and its extreme versatility to welcome multisource data, to address multiple use cases in a ported platform instance meeting very specific needs. The ability for Alteia to deploy such a large scale experimentation phase helped in nourishing the longer term reflection and initiatives of this company, towards its objective of quickly becoming the leader of digital transformation in the energy sector.