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40,000+ employees

15,000+ MEUR

Project overview

Building a connected quarry model to transform operations

As a global leader in the aggregates sector, Cemex aims to implement a platform for enterprise-wide digital transformation and a center for IoT excellence. Their initiatives are two-fold and focus both internally and externally.

Beginning in 2017, the company deployed an industry-first digital platform, CEMEX Go, globally. This initiative digitized customer relations, automating order-to-cash workflows and allowing customers to purchase products, track deliveries, and manage orders seamlessly.

Focusing on internal optimization, Cemex has transitioned to a “connected quarry” model allowing for truck and machine efficiency optimization with the use of telematics data. Cemex has chosen Alteia to be the central hub of their topographic and machine data to achieve their ambitious transformational goals.

In doing so, they can centralize their initiatives and strategic projects and leverage the platform's extensive data analysis and AI capabilities.


survey cost reduction
savings on data processing
productivity increase
We’ve chosen Aether by Alteia to be the central hub of our topographic data to not only centralize our initiatives related to this ambitious and transformational strategic project, but also to leverage big data analysis and AI capabilities of the platform Benjamin Lecendrier
Director of Operations for Aggregates

Project highlights

Leveraging artificial intelligence and topographic data for site assessment

Accelerating and streamlining inventory management

Leverage image segmentation and calculation tools to create automated inventory reports and compare production from month to month to assess production variability.

Assess changes over time leveraging data contextualization and change algorithms

Visualize and compare site conditions to estimate production or measure blast efficiency. Track progress of excavations to update your team and maintain production schedule.

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