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10,000+ employees

3,000 MEUR

Project overview

Digitizing mining operations to increase operational performance

Eramet, a global mining and metallurgy group, has been deeply engaged in its digital transformation and looking for a platform to store, analyze, and visualize all the data coming from its 47 mining sites across the globe.

In addition, they recognized that digital twins, which enable monitoring and performance management, would help improve safety and productivity on their sites.

But the first step towards creating digital twins is creating and maintaining digital records of the sites, leveraging different types of data sources - this can be a challenge.

Utilizing Alteia's platform, Eramet has placed visual intelligence at the core of its growth, operational performance, and competitive edge. And central to their goal, they can now access digital twins of all field sites in just one click.


savings on data processing
savings on machine maintenance costs
reduction on carbon emissions
The collection of images by different means and the storage and processing of the images on the Alteia platform allows to assess quickly the impact of the mine on the environment and to verify that it is as low as possible. Jean Loup Loyer
Chief Data & Analytics Officer

Project highlights

A combination of visual and machine data for operational efficiency and safety

Site reconciliation

Quantify site differences month-on-month, assess deviations from pit design, measure volume remaining to final pit limits, and identify change in vegetation nearby the site

Ensure haul road safety and compliance with AI

Automatically detect grade, width, crossfalls, berm heights and more.

Integrate machine data to cut maintenance costs

Software superimposes telematic data from trucks. Sensors on the trucks send alerts when parts of the trucks are under stress. The map shows where road maintenance could reduce stress on trucks and cut maintenance costs.

Run simulations to improve truck path and optimize fuel consumption

Use haul trucks trajectories, speed and real-time fuel consumption to assess haul road optimization in terms of geometry.

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