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407,000 beneficiaries

250 MUSD value generated

Project overview

AI Solutions for climate-smart cashew programs

Benin’s cashew cultivation has expanded more than tenfold in the past two decades, now accounting for around 17% of the country’s exports ($437M) – the second-largest export commodity after cotton – and providing income for 200,000 farming families.

Cashew production is also an opportunity for climate mitigation through tree planting. However, there are still challenges to be addressed in order to improve productivity and environmental benefits. In particular, land pressure can lead to environmentally detrimental farming practices, such as monocropping and land clearing for farm expansion. Arming farmers with climate-smart agricultural skills is essential for ensuring that production can be sustainably increased. For that reason, it is important to generate objective and quickly accessible data that helps provide targeted training to farmers.

By assessing land management through drone imagery and artificial intelligence, TechnoServe can identify the areas of highest need and target interventions and training services to reach farmers more effectively. Ultimately, the project aims to increase the number of farmers engaged in the climate-smart production of cashew in Benin.


global productivity increase
improved traceability

Project highlights

Tree extraction from aerial images

Individual tree segmentation to calculate density maps and assess global crop production

Agronomic indicator automated calculation

Cashew species identification, density and health evaluation as well as intercropping indicators

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