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10,000+ employees

3,000 MEUR

Project overview

Combining visual data and artificial intelligence to measure and manage site activity

Vinci aimed to reduce the chances of exceeding both time and budget constraints in their extensive construction projects. They achieved this by seamlessly integrating various data types, including design files and real-time data collected from ground sensors or drones.

Through the utilization of Aether's data ingestion pipelines, visualization tools, and analysis capabilities, Vinci successfully automated site inspections, monitored construction projects, and centralized all visual data within a single platform.


reduction of surveying costs
less budget overrun
less safety issues
With the Aether platform, we provide accurate and real time information to people when and where they need it so that they can make timely informed decisions quickly and we can deliver according to the plan, minimizing the risk of running over time or over budget. Dan Anderson
Construction Manager

Project highlights

Combining engineering data and reality capture data for project monitoring

Accurate digital site measurements and progress monitoring

The Aether platform offers the capability to upload design surfaces and linework, enabling you to superimpose them onto the 3D site survey. This immediate overlay provides a clear visual representation of your progress and whether your work aligns with the specified requirements. This feature eliminates uncertainty and simplifies the entire process.

By allowing for more frequent monitoring of productivity and progress, you can identify and address issues before they escalate into costly challenges. Think of it as a proactive approach to problem-solving, as opposed to merely reacting to issues as they arise.

Site management and communication

Throughout every phase of a project, it is crucial to ensure that the pertinent stakeholders have access to the essential information necessary to grasp the project's requirements and execute their responsibilities effectively, adhering to the specified timeline, budget, and criteria. It is imperative to validate estimate accuracy, monitor progress, and conduct precise comparisons between the initial survey and the current project site status.

The Aether platform distinguishes itself as a web-based tool, setting it apart from conventional desktop software. It offers the advantage of accessibility to anyone with an internet browser, eliminating the need for complex software installations. Whether situated at the primary on-site office or remotely located miles away, team members can effortlessly access identical information and seamlessly share measurements and notes.

Furthermore, the Aether platform centralizes all project-related components within a unified location. This encompasses your current and historical surveys, design revisions, notes, reports, and, naturally, all files in the requisite formats. This comprehensive repository streamlines accessibility and collaboration, facilitating seamless interaction with both the central office and on-site team members, ultimately enhancing the efficiency of the entire process.

Simplify reporting to all project stakeholders

Aether reporting capabilities have been leveraged to create allow to generate reports in CSV or PDF that can be sent to all project stakeholders.

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