Software Development

Internship – Backend Developer

Alteia provides tremendous career opportunities to professionals willing to work hard on meaningful challenges alongside a talented team.

By joining Alteia, you’ll participate in the transformation of key industry sectors that are increasingly relying on imagery and artificial intelligence to drive their businesses. You’ll have a unique chance to shape and implement your ideas as part of a leading, fast-growing, cutting-edge company! In addition, you will be surrounded by professionals who have an exceptional background and amazing stories.

We encourage out-of-the-box ideas and incentivize our teams to develop their creativity. As a result, Alteia can give you a unique opportunity to gain valuable and challenging experience in a fast-growing business with passionate, easy-going, enthusiastic people.

It is in technical excellence and perpetual innovation that we recognize ourselves.


The Product

The Alteia Platform is the cloud-based solution that enables enterprises to rapidly and flexibly access and prepare gigabytes of visual data (images, point clouds, videos, etc.) with prebuilt annotation/labeling tools. It allows our customers to build and manage AI models without writing code using an intuitive user interface. Then deploy applications within weeks with customizable validation processes and continuous improvement workflows. From there, they can drive company-wide results by seamlessly publishing predictive insights to enterprise systems or custom business applications.


Your Mission

Within our Toulouse offices, you will join the team responsible for the ingestion and storage of data sets (images, rasters, vector data, point clouds, meshes), making it possible to organize and manipulate them, in particular, to analyze this data.

Different themes may be considered depending on your profile:

  • Automated Python code generation: The HTTP APIs of the platform services are specified according to the OpenAPI standard. A Python SDK allows users to easily exploit these HTTP APIs in Python. Several topics related to the automated generation of Python code will need to be addressed:
    • Automate the generation of the code necessary for the integration into the SDK of a new API HTTP; the generated code will be based on the OpenAPI specification of the API.
    • Build an advanced CLI for catalog-based data analysis command possible analyzes.
    • Automatically generate the synchronous part of the SDK from the asynchronous part.
  • Data analysis creation/visualization interface: The data analysis offered to the platform’s clients can be described as data flow diagrams, i.e., graphs whose nodes are manual tasks, automated processing, or data analysis taken from a catalog. Currently, they are modeled in an ad hoc formalism that is difficult for data scientists to work with. You will build a graphical interface allowing others to visualize, create or edit the analysis of data via their representation in graphs.
  • Scheduling of treatments: One of the back-end team’s services is the business processing scheduler (ingestion data sets, execution of processes written by data scientists, etc.) according to the required resources and availability of resources. This service is also responsible for collecting treatment metrics (duration of treatment, consumption of resources, number of processed pixels, etc.). This essential but old service poses maintenance problems, and the choices made at its creation are not necessarily relevant today. It is a question of studying the possibility of replacement by a third-party tool and developing a lightweight service providing specific functionalities that would be missing from this tool.


Your Profile

You are: Committed. Rigorous. Autonomous. Persistent for the purpose of succeeding.

Qualifications and skills:

  • Education: preparing a diploma in programming (M2 level or equivalent).
  • Good level in one of the Python and Javascript / Typescript languages.
  • Knowledge of Unix / Linux, Git, Docker, micro-service architecture.
  • Rigor, willingness to learn and improve, teamwork.
  • Fluency in English.

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