Product Management

Product Manager

Paris, Toulouse

Alteia is a leading enterprise A.I software provider focused on streamlining the use of visual data to generate real-time business intelligence.

Developing and deploying visual intelligence at scale requires the use of complex technology stacks where algorithms and models need to be placed at the center of business operations. That’s why Alteia delivers a family of integrated products that have been purpose-built to accelerate the implementation of A.I applications, making quick work of large data sets from disparate systems:

  • the Alteia software platform to rapidly contextualize large amounts of disparate data and operate enterprise A.I applications quickly.
  • the Alteia pre-built SaaS applications, for rapidly addressing high-value use cases in various market segments. 

Responsabilities :

Manage, oversee, contribute to key deliverables throughout product development lifecycle:

  • Product ideation:
    • Mastery of Alteia platform, exploring potential new features and new ideas.
    • Creating, processing, managing information systems and information flows that support product ideation phase. Including, but not limited to channels and communication from sales, proserv, success, support teams. 
    • Creating, reviewing, editing, adapting product documentation. 
    • Readiness to attend and facilitate customer meetings, manage surveys and leverage other means to gain innovation opportunity insights. 
  • Product design: for each assigned feature: 
    • Define optimal functional target scope. 
    • Evaluate potential financial gain or potential financial risk if not implemented. 
  • Product delivery: 
    • Transmit the feature to the assigned Product owner and monitor/control the implementation with arbitration, if necessary.
    • Take over product manager release owner role (on rotating basis).
    • For each assigned feature: create raw documentation material for downstream communication (knowledge base, potential webinar, video, emails) both internally and externally.
  • Product adoption: 
    • Contribute to measuring and improving product adoption phase: including, but not limited to defining and managing KPIs, ROI calculation.
    • For each assigned feature: support sales teams during first commercial outreach related to these features.

Product marketing and product strategy: 

  • Develop a strong command of the pricing strategy.
  • Contribute to the pricing list: proposal development, margin analysis.
  • Master/control communication about product, strategy and roadmap. 
  • Contribute to the management of the roadmap: its construction, prioritization and execution.
  • Readiness to attend industry events to represent Alteia and collect insights about market trends. 
  • Readiness to conduct and/or contribute to market research, competitive analysis.

Product Management (PM) team and Product Department deliverables and projects: 

  • Coordination within the Product Department as well as across other departments: sales/marketing/customer success/projects to achieve shared goals.
  • Contribution to product excellence and product management maturity goals.
  • Contribution to recruitment and outreach of the Alteia employer brand.

Availability for moderate travel is expected. 

Other responsibilities (not yet fully scoped as it is a new position in the company) may be added.

As the company is evolving at a fast pace in a complex and demanding environment, you’ll have to 

  • Challenge and improve your practices
  • Suggest and contribute to process updates within the team and the company.

Requirements :

  • Bachelor of Science in STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) or similar field and Master of Science or Business Administration degrees.
  • 4+ years of experience in the technology sector: strategy consulting, business analysis, product management or comparable background. 
  • Technical / Domain expertise:
    • Vertical knowledge: infrastructure maintenance (utility, O&G) / knowledge of ERP or CMMS or FMS.
    • Technical knowledge : cloud, AI, computer vision, GIS.
  • Critical thinking and arbitration skills, together with the ability to work effectively within the immediate team as well as cross-functionally. 
  • Strong motivation for the career path in Product Management, commitment to continuous learning and development. 

Attributes :

  • Committed 
  • Rigorous
  • Autonomous
  • Persistent for the purpose of succeeding

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