Case Study

Fortune 100 O&G company


Project overview

Fortune 100 O&G company

  • Hundreds of trillions of dollars in annual revenue
  • Millions of barrels of oil equivalent per day
  • Tens of thousands of employees
  • Operations are divided into different businesses within the upstream, midstream, and downstream value chain
Vision AI for asset integrity management
One of the world's leading oil and gas producers decided there has to be a better way to manage its mainteance operations.

Each business unit of the company includes multiple high-value assets, including flare stacks, offshore platforms, refineries, tanks, boilers, and pipelines. With each asset operating vast arrays of equipment orchestrated to maximize the efficiency of oil production, the cost of failure is high.

As a global organization with assets spread worldwide, creating a scalable asset inspection solution poses a significant challenge, both from an architecture and data perspective.

Searching for an effective solution, they have selected Alteia because of its scalable and enterprise-ready solution. The development of five specific applications allows the organization to leverage various structured and unstructured data as well as the latest data acquisitions methods to improve asset lifecycle management and enhance seet integrity.

Finally, the full portage of the Alteia solution into a private cloud assures compliance with demanding privacy and security requirements.



improvement in inspection time

$10+ million

savings in downtime annually


optimization on maintenance costs

Alteia Platform

Project highlights

  • Develop an application to identify and compute the volume of sand-encroached areas meant for hauling and predict future encroachment based on dun migration modeling
  • Deploy an application tailored to defects typically experienced on safety and relief systems critical to plant operation and can only be inspected when the asset is live. Atelia has trained algorithms from existing datasets of several plants and qualified detection robustness on inspections to meet this challenge



  • Identify and mitigate the impact of potential threats such as trespassing and unauthorized construction with a change detection application
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