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Project overview


  • 70,000 employees
  • $ 1.6 billion in R&D spending between 2015 and 2020.
  • $ 35 billion in annual revenue.
A drone to tractor workflow for digital weed management.
The technology sector still reigns supreme in reaping the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning. However, advancements in AI and ML have begun to revolutionize the farming and agriculture industry. John Deere is an early adopter and believer in this technology and has partnered with Alteia to connect their machine connectivity platform, MyJohnDeere, directly to the drone for enhanced agricultural practices.
With Alteia, farmers can experience seamless connectivity, “from the drone to the tractor,” utilizing automated visual analysis of crops to identify weeds and create variable spraying maps, generating significant environmental benefits, as it results in a more accurate spraying methodology.



savings in herbicides


Prescription map generated within minutes

Alteia Platform.

Project highlights

  • Visualize hectares of crops easily.
  • Create variable spraying maps that clearly show the location of crops and weeds.
  • Push data seamlessly “from the drone to the tractor” via a connector between Alteia and MyJohnDeere.
  • Enable real-time automation of agriculture machinery with direct communications between drones, the data platform, and machinery.

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