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Project overview


  • Global infrastructure, environmental and social development company
  • Operating in more than 100 countries
  • 10,000 employees
Digitizing the world to increase projects efficiency
Stantec is an international professional services company in the design and consulting industry. It is a leader in high precision data acquisition and processing and has deployed a series of advanced technologies capable of capturing valuable insights from visual data for their their clients. The capacity to combine their leading suite of technologies with their industry-leading expertise allows them to currency unique workflows and solutions tailored to their client's precise needs.

Stantec has discovered that the process of acquiring and managing mass amounts of data and in turn delivering business insights from this data presents unique challenges:

- Multiple data sources and data formats prohibit integration
- Excess expenses incurred due to the use of many software programs
- Decentralized data, scattered across different platforms and storage facilities
- Cumbersome, non-standardized client delivery
- Limited collaboration capabilities on project data

Utilizing Alteia's technology, Stantec new platform can organize, centralize, and analyze vast amounts of collected data, eliminating many of the presented challenges.



reduction in travel time and cost


improvement in on-time completion


time spent gained in OAC and coordination meetings

Alteia Platform

Project highlights

  • Aggregating lidar point clouds into one single data image, easily shareable with clients and partners
  • Improving the end-customer experience with user-friendly data visualizations and a collaboration portal
  • Streamlining workflows with easy drone, satellite, and ground sensor data processing
  • Optimizing the workflow from field to digital twin
  • Enhancing human expertise and value delivered to customers with artificial intelligence
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