Agriculture & Forestry

Alteia helps agricultural companies integrate artificial intelligence into their daily operations.

Alteia helps agricultural companies integrate vision AI into their daily operations. It is not only about deploying solutions for an easier and faster access to data but also providing the keys to build predictive models and making business decisions to reduce costs and the environmental impact of the agricultural sector. 

Use cases

Integrate effectively your data, decisions and operations by :

Creating a digital twin of any infrastructure (system representation)

Configuring automated data ingestion pipelines in order to aggregate, contextualize data and update the current state of the system

Visualizing, analyzing and predicting the state of the system over time (notably to detect anomalies, defects or risks)

Creating reports with actionable information that integrate easily into your business workflow

Organizing the set of actions to be taken and allocate it to the relevant teams

Seed supply monitoring

  • Estimate production with automated visual analysis.

  • Create index maps with multispectral imagery and Alteia's Data Computation Toolkit

  • Build high-level dashboards of field status and yield KPIs.

  • Run data computation tools such as stand count and fraction cover.

  • Highlight areas for sampling by agronomists.

  • Decrease costs linked to a lack of accuracy in the seed supply estimate.

Productivity management for palm oil production

  • Build a data ingestion pipeline for easy aggregation and contextualization.

  • Deploy ML models to automate the process of palm tree counting.

  • Extract production KPIs in less than 2 hours with automated workflows.

  • Improve scouting with an exhaustive overview for smart ground sampling.

  • Detect warning signs of stress early on.

  • Improve agronomic practices such as cover crops, refoliation, and off-type-identification.

Trial validation for field research

  • Build a data ingestion pipeline for easy aggregation and contextualization.

  • Define processing parameters for growth stages and the configuration of fields and crops.

  • Detect micro-plots automatically.

  • Leverage Alteia's Data Computation Toolkit for multispectral data analysis and index calculation

  • Automate plant counting.

  • Build spatial benchmarks.

  • Measure traits and plant responses faster with more precision and continuously with standardized methodology across R&D sites.

  • Access reliable micro-plot data and trait measurements easily.


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