Alteia addresses key issues across the Manufacturing value chain.


The Alteia platform enables global manufacturers to rapidly integrate data from various sources, including video cameras, sensor networks, and operational systems, to power AI models. This leads to improvements in production optimization, predictive models, and other high-impact use cases.

Use cases

Integrate effectively your data, decisions and operations by :

Creating a digital twin of any infrastructure (system representation)

Configuring automated data ingestion pipelines in order to aggregate, contextualize data and update the current state of the system

Visualizing, analyzing and predicting the state of the system over time (notably to detect anomalies, defects or risks)

Creating reports with actionable information that integrate easily into your business workflow

Organizing the set of actions to be taken and allocate it to the relevant teams

Assembly line quality control

  • Build a data ingestion pipeline for easy aggregation and contextualization.

  • Train pre-built ML models on multiple actions to automate the process of quality control.

  • Perform time studies and video analysis.

  • Predict immediate and future quality issues.

Assembly line productivity assessment

  • Build a data ingestion pipeline for multiple video feeds integration.

  • Train pre-built ML models on multiple actions to automate the process of task segmentation.

  • Perform time series and data analysis.

  • Assess productivity issues and take corrective actions.

Factory management

  • Build a data ingestion pipeline for the easy aggregation and contextualization of factory field data using LiDAR and 360° panoramic imagery.

  • Generate a point cloud recording of each room, machine, and production line at the factory.

  • Integrate high definition, 360°, panoramic images.

  • Walk through the entire space virtually, from any standard web browser, anywhere in the world.

  • Interact with the digital twin in real-time through the integration of production data.


Alteia AI Applications