Mining & Aggregates

Alteia helps Mining companies digitize their business.


Alteia helps mining & aggregates companies digitize their business and improve operations with visualization, collaboration, analysis, and reporting. By leveraging advanced AI techniques and machine learning, the platform enables high-value use cases like productivity management, fleet management, and safety & compliance monitoring.

Alteia AI. Applications

Use cases

Built with a model-driven architecture, the Alteia platform is a purpose-built environment that enables organizations to address their specific use cases and develop enterprise AI applications 25 times faster than alternative methods, with 95% less code to write, test, and maintain.

Inventory and Productivity assessment

  • Build a data ingestion pipeline for easy aggregation and contextualization of aerial data.

  • Import materials with their bulk density or input materials singularly.

  • Assign materials to stockpiles.

  • Display total inventory at a site.

  • Run intrasite or intersite analysis.

  • Asses productivity in real-time with integrated machine telemetry data.

Cost optimization

  • Create a real-time digital twin of your site with aggregate visual data and machine telemetry data.

  • Gather visual data through a number of methods such as hand-held cameras, smartphones, LiDAR, drones, etc.

  • Extract haul roads automatically using artificial intelligence.

  • Compute fuel consumption and truck tire wear.

  • Maximize efficiency through optimizing truckload paths and reducing operational costs.

Blasting analysis

  • Generate accurate 2D and 3D models automatically using photogrammetry and aerial data.

  • Deploy pre-built ML models to automatically detect rocks and assess their size after blasting operations.

  • Evaluate blasting efficiency with a distribution map.

  • Utilize change detection in pre and post-blasing.