Mining & Aggregates

Alteia helps Mining companies digitize their business.


Alteia helps mines and quarries digitize their business and improve operations with visualization, collaboration, analysis, and reporting tools. As the whole sector deals with higher fuel prices, increasing efficiencies and accuracies using vision AI can contribute to major cost savings. Having access to accurate, accessible survey data documented at every stage of work can stop mistakes before they happen, keep rework to a minimum, and enable precise and seamless reporting.

Use cases

Integrate effectively your data, decisions and operations by :

Creating a digital twin of any infrastructure (system representation)

Configuring automated data ingestion pipelines in order to aggregate, contextualize data and update the current state of the system

Visualizing, analyzing and predicting the state of the system over time (notably to detect anomalies, defects or risks)

Creating reports with actionable information that integrate easily into your business workflow

Organizing the set of actions to be taken and allocate it to the relevant teams

Inventory and Productivity assessment

  • Build a data ingestion pipeline for easy aggregation and contextualization of aerial data.

  • Import materials with their bulk density or input materials singularly.

  • Assign materials to stockpiles.

  • Display total inventory at a site.

  • Run intrasite or intersite analysis.

  • Asses productivity in real-time with integrated machine telemetry data.

Cost optimization

  • Create a real-time digital twin of your site with aggregate visual data and machine telemetry data.

  • Gather visual data through a number of methods such as hand-held cameras, smartphones, LiDAR, drones, etc.

  • Extract haul roads automatically using artificial intelligence.

  • Compute fuel consumption and truck tire wear.

  • Maximize efficiency through optimizing truckload paths and reducing operational costs.

Blasting analysis

  • Generate accurate 2D and 3D models automatically using photogrammetry and aerial data.

  • Deploy pre-built ML models to automatically detect rocks and assess their size after blasting operations.

  • Evaluate blasting efficiency with a distribution map.

  • Utilize change detection in pre and post-blasing.


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