Power & Utilities

Alteia helps Utilities worldwide mitigate threats and strengthen their grid.

Alteia helps utilities worldwide to mitigate threats and strengthen their grid with AI-based vegetation & digital inspection programs. These successes are possible by integrating data from varied sources and developing predictive models, notably for vegetation growth modeling. It accelerates the reduction of costs and complexity associated with traditional inspection approaches while improving risk management and productivity.

Use cases

Integrate effectively your data, decisions and operations by :

Creating a digital twin of any infrastructure (system representation)

Configuring automated data ingestion pipelines in order to aggregate, contextualize data and update the current state of the system

Visualizing, analyzing and predicting the state of the system over time (notably to detect anomalies, defects or risks)

Creating reports with actionable information that integrate easily into your business workflow

Organizing the set of actions to be taken and allocate it to the relevant teams

Automated Powerline Inspection

  • Leverage the Data Processing Manager to ease data collection campaigns across different sections of the network.

  • Integrate GIS databases for defect contextualization.

  • Train pre-built ML models to recognize equipment and their related defects to automate the powerline inspection process.

  • Review predictions in a no-code environment to facilitate incremental learning.

  • Generate reports automatically.

  • Utilize Alteia's APIs and SDK to integrate into your existing work order management system

Predictive vegetation management

  • Build a data ingestion pipeline for easy aggregation and contextualization.

  • Integrate GIS databases.

  • Utilize automated classification of powerlines and vegetation on LiDAR point clouds.

  • Employ vectorization of trees and powerlines.

  • Predict future challenges with tree growth modeling based on species identification via ground truthing, multispectral data analysis, tree crow identification, etc.

  • Generate risk analysis automatically based on the position and distance of trees compared to powerlines.

  • Work seamlessly with trimming reports and integration to your existing CMMS.

  • Ensure compliance with Alteia's compliance and auditing tools.

Powerline Network digitization

  • Utilize LiDAR information with automated point cloud classification.

  • Employ automated vectorization of poles and other electrical assets.

  • Automate the synchronization with GIS databases leveraging Alteia’s APIs and SDK.

Solar farm planning and monitoring

  • Generate 2D and 3D maps automatically using photogrammetry and aerial images.

  • Utilize automated vectorization of solar panels to compare against design files for an as-built comparison.

  • Plan accurately with automated progress calculation.

  • Detect hot spots automatically.

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