Reinventing Retail with visual intelligence.

The Alteia platform enables global retailers to rapidly integrate data from various sources, including video cameras, sensor networks, and operational systems, to power A.I models. This leads to improvements in production optimization, predictive sales models, and other high-impact use cases.

Alteia AI. Applications

Use cases

Built with a model-driven architecture, the Alteia platform is a purpose-built environment that enables organizations to address their specific use cases and develop enterprise A.I applications 25 times faster than alternative methods, with 95% less code to write, test, and maintain.

Visual Merchandising

  • Train A.I frameworks on multiple attributes to automate the process of shopping qualification.

  • Browse and filter video clips by date, time, shop, etc.

  • Perform time studies and video analysis using video software.

  • Share videos easily to aid collaboration across your organization.

  • Make educated predictions on display performance based on interactions between consumers and products as well as sales results.