Vegetation management

Vegetation management

Automatically detect encroachment risks between vegetation and powerlines.

Vegetation management represents the most significant preventive maintenance expense for utilities and the greatest contributor to system reliability. Because traditional vegetation management practices are time-consuming, costly, and not consistently accurate, there is pressure to develop new mitigation approaches to deal with increased threats of wildfires and system outages.

Alteia's Vegetation Management application can alleviate many of these challenges by automating much of the process, such as encroachment assessment, and providing accurate insight into real-life conditions. Avoid labor and equipment costs by calculating the quantity of tree timing required by either distance or volume, enabling you to pay for remediation per cubic foot instead of per circuit mile. Use this information to perform regular audits and accurately control what is trimmed by contractors.

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Data inputs

  • Point cloud representation of target corridor generated by LiDAR or photogrammetry (.las).
  • RGB Orthomo image over which encroachment zones can be contextualized (.tiff).


  • Vector representation of encroachment zones in your preferred file format (.json, .shp, .dxf).
  • Configurable analytic results report (.xls).

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