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Project overview


  • Largest concrete producer in the world
  • 40,000 employees
  • $ 15 billion in annual revenue
Building a “connected quarry” model to transform operations
As a global leader in the aggregates sector, Cemex aims to implement a platform for enterprise-wide digital transformation and a center for IoT excellence. Their initiatives are two-fold and focus both internally and externally.

Beginning in 2017, the company deployed an industry-first digital platform, CEMEX Go, globally. This initiative digitized customer relations, automating order-to-cash workflows and allowing customers to purchase products, track deliveries, and manage orders seamlessly.

Focusing on internal optimization, Cemex has transitioned to a “connected quarry” model allowing for truck and machine efficiency optimization with the use of telematics data. Cemex has chosen Alteia to be the central hub of their topographic and machine data to achieve their ambitious transformational goals.

In doing so, they can centralize their initiatives and strategic projects and leverage the platform's extensive data analysis and AI capabilities.



reduction in time spent processing site data


increase in net profits


survey cost reduction


productivity increase

Alteia Platform

Project highlights

  • Manage, analyze, and share data from aerial surveys seamlessly with Alteia’s wholly integrated and easy-to-use platform
  • Visualize a site in 2D or 3D on an intuitive platform with the capacity to provide orthophotography, slope maps, digital surface models, and 3D models
  • Make measurements quickly with integrated tools to calculate length, determine an area size, and calculate stockpile and cut and fill volumes
  • Forecast accurately with frequent updates of topographic data. Some of the benefits of this are:
    • Improving production planning and increasing revenue
    • Planning extraction and extension projects intentionally
    • Measuring stockpiles precisely
    • Managing entire site inventories in one location
    • Optimizing haul roads
    • Integrating machine data into decisions
    • Standardizing best practices and enterprise-wide processes
  • Make full use of the cloud-based approach to simplify data storage and access, allowing the Cemex team to utilize and archive data collaboratively
  • Experience an inherently scalable platform that can support multiple data sources and data collection techniques
  • Store and share an unlimited number of projects with employees across the enterprise: surveyors, production departments, land management, engineering, and financial services
  • Employ machine data integration: the ability to overlay topographic information with machine data for productivity management
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‘‘ Production monitoring, inventory management, and the safety of our teams are the three key performance indicators of our production sites. Alteia’s comprehensive platform for visual data collection and management will help us accelerate the digitalization of our activities, significantly improving all aspects of our operational efficiency. ’’

Benjamin Lecendrier

Director of Production and Joint-Ventures at CEMEX France Nord

‘‘ Being able to share data seamlessly between the different departments of the company and our production sites, and with subcontractors, has been a determining factor in choosing Alteia’s solution. Our teams can collaborate from a single interface online, anywhere, anytime. The Alteia Platform is scaled to meet our evolving needs and can be easily deployed nationwide. ’’

Benjamin Lecendrier

Director of Production and Joint-Ventures at CEMEX France Nord

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