December 6, 2023

Alteia and TotalEnergies join forces to unify visual data for unprecedented insights

Alteia and TotalEnergies join forces to unify visual data for unprecedented insights

Alteia, a global leader in visual data management and analytics, and TotalEnergies, a major player in the energy sector, have announced a collaboration to bring together all their visual data coming from Lidar sensors, satellites, drones or even ground equipment on a single platform. The end goal is to create a single source of truth for improved decision making, operational efficiency and tracking of compliance with their ESG goals, notably for monitoring reforestation projects.


Alteia’s state-of-the-art visual data analysis platform will serve as the foundation for consolidating and managing the visual data generated by TotalEnergies. This integration will provide a comprehensive and unified view of critical assets, facilities, and operational landscapes.


“We are thrilled to collaborate with TotalEnergies in this pioneering effort to create a unified visual data framework. By integrating our technology with TotalEnergies’ diverse visual data sources, we aim to unlock new possibilities for efficiency, safety, and sustainability in the energy sector,” said Michael de Lagarde, CEO at Alteia.


From an analytical perspective, Alteia’s platform, renowned for its artificial intelligence capabilities, will provide TotalEnergies with intelligent insights derived from visual data. This includes anomaly detection, solar farm construction monitoring and other data-driven solutions to optimize asset performance. The fusion of visual data from different sources and the enrichment of this information with other databases (GIS, design files,…) will help improve operational efficiency by providing real-time insights and facilitating proactive decision making, as well as enabling predictive maintenance for critical infrastructure such as solar farms. Finally, the platform will support third-party analytics developed by TotalEnergies or other data analytics partners.

“This collaboration represents a strategic step forward in our commitment to leveraging digital solutions for sustainable and efficient energy operations. The fusion of visual data through Alteia’s platform aligns with our vision for embracing innovation to drive the future of energy,” stated Marie-Catherine SADOWSKI, head of Business Data Operations at Total Energies.


About Alteia.


Alteia is a global leader in visual data analysis, providing cutting-edge solutions that harness the power of artificial intelligence to derive actionable insights from visual data. Visit for more information.


About TotalEnergies.


TotalEnergies is a major international energy player, actively involved in various segments of the energy industry, including oil, gas, and low-carbon electricity. For more details, visit


Alteia and TotalEnergies join forces to unify visual data for unprecedented insights

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