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Alteia puts 3D at the heart of its software by acquiring the IP and core technologies from ARSKAN

Alteia is proud to announce the acquisition of ARSKAN core IP and technologies and the hiring of its highly skilled development team to accelerate its efforts in the field of spatial computing.

Spatial computing broadly characterizes the processes and tools used to capture, process and interact with 3D data. 

ARSKAN’s team of engineers has developed groundbreaking technologies for the seamless visualization and use of 3D data. These include lossless progressive compression and decompression technologies that allow massive 3D models to be visualized on the web in a matter of seconds, without bandwidth or size issues.

Integrated into the Aether platform environment, it will multiply the value of 3D data by rendering the results of AI-powered analytics in a contextualized spatial environment.

The end goal is to improve the resilience of large infrastructure networks, enhance traceability and compliance with ESG goals, and ensure the efficiency of operations from construction sites to factory floors.

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