January 24, 2024

Alteia integrates Vinci Catalyst Program, focused on environmental innovation

Alteia integrates Vinci Catalyst Program, focused on environmental innovation

Paris, January 24, 2024 – Vinci, a global leader in construction and energy, announced early January the selection of Alteia as part of the 5th iteration of its Catalyst program. This initiative brings together 11 groundbreaking companies from 5 different countries, all dedicated to innovation in the Construction Tech and Climate Tech sectors.


Vinci’s Catalyst program aims to support the development of cutting-edge technologies that can improve the efficiency, sustainability and environmental footprint of construction projects. In 2024, more than half of the solutions selected demonstrate a direct positive impact on the environment, underlining Vinci’s growing commitment to sustainability and innovation.


The selected companies, including Alteia, cover a wide range of fields, from digital modeling to natural resource management and environmental monitoring. The merger of Construction Tech and Climate Tech in this program illustrates Vinci’s commitment to adopting innovative approaches to meet today’s construction challenges while minimizing environmental impact. Notably operational challenges include the reduction of operational emissions, the improvement of workers safety, and the optimization of the execution stage.


Alteia stands out for its expertise in digital grid and construction solutions, powered by visual data and artificial intelligence. The company offers tools to improve the operational efficiency of construction projects by monitoring sites on a day to day basis, and  drive direct environmental and social impact, notably by offering solutions for fuel consumption reduction, or specific workflows for land restoration management. In the energy sector, Alteia provvides tools for grid lifecycle management and smart vegetation management. Its innovative technology building blocks and offering pave the way for more sustainable practices and more efficient project management.


The Catalyst program offers Alteia and other selected companies a unique opportunity to collaborate with Vinci and benefit from its global expertise in the construction and energy sector. The partnership established within the program will help accelerate the deployment of vision AI within Vinci and on the global market.


Alteia’s inclusion in Vinci’s Catalyst program underlines the recognition of its technology, business model, and potential impact in transforming the construction and energy sectors towards more resilient and environmentally-friendly practices through visual data and artificial intelligence. This collaboration promises significant advances in the fusion of technology and operations for the future of the industry globally.

Alteia integrates Vinci Catalyst Program, focused on environmental innovation

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