How does it work?

Make the best of your enterprise data in a seamless workflow.


Aggregate all your enterprise data in one place

All data types, from any sensor, in any format: images, video, lidar, blue prints, GIS, reports, IoT data, etc…
Upload and store massive amounts of data into one single source of truth.
Create a unified database that is secured, asset-centric and AI-ready.

Data inflows are automated thanks to our versatile data uploaders, the data manager module or the platform SDK

All data is indexed using geospatial, temporal metadata and contextualized data regarding the industrial assets they describe.

Data can then be browsed and mobilized to answer your specific questions about these assets.



Browse through the complete database with an intuitive 2D/3D viewer
Inspect your digital twin like you’re on site
Annotate, report, publish your findings

All data is interpreted by the platform into a layered 2D/3D scene that can be consulted intuitively. No need to be a geospatial specialist.

Contextualized data is superimposed, allowing a quick understanding of the scene.

Historical records can be browsed to spot evolutions or differences.



Manage accesses and permission company-wise.
Share digital twins and organize teamwork.
Get your entire organization onboarded into a streamlined enterprise asset management process.

Granular role-based permissions allow you to adjust your team members’ access to data, toolsets, and editing privileges.

The platform allows multiple profiles to participate in unified workflows:

  • Domain specialists will supervise data analysis and annotation
  • Executives will use these insights in their decision-making process
  • Developers will create specific apps to automate the processes.



Run analytics that will provide the right insight
Publish and store the results

Results can be displayed using the rich web interface of the platform either in the 2D/3D viewer as part of the scene or through a collection of configurable dashboards.

They can be exported to other information systems using Alteia’s SDK for seamless workflows.



Create predictive models based on physics or historical data.
Predict the behaviors of your industrial infrastructures and site.
Use it to optimize your operation and maintenance operations.

The complete digital twin includes the model of infrastructure, the history of its state until present and a projection of its future states, given a set of external conditions that will influence its behavior.

This predictive model is used to run simulations, by variating the external conditions.

The best simulations are selected for optimization.

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