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Complex asset monitoring in 3D


10,000 employees

1,000 MEUR

Project overview

Build digital twin of subsurface mining assets for safety and productivity applications

Creating a digital twin of subsurface mining assets holds immense potential for revolutionizing safety and productivity in the mining industry. This technology involves replicating underground structures and equipment in a virtual environment, allowing real-time monitoring and analysis of mining operations.

Digital twins can help enhance safety by providing a 3D representation of the mine, enabling proactive identification of potential hazards and unsafe conditions.

Moreover, they facilitate predictive maintenance of machinery and infrastructure, reducing downtime and improving overall productivity. By offering a comprehensive view of subsurface assets, digital twins empower mining companies to optimize resource allocation, streamline operations, and minimize risks, ultimately leading to safer and more efficient mining processes.


decrease of data processing costs
data availability

Project highlights

Mapping of drifts and stopes

Scan all active and decommissioned underground assets via drone in a GPS denied environment.

Custom Data Operations

Build digital twin of subsurface mining assets for safety and productivity applications.

Elastic data management

Automate scan data conversion for integration into long term planning workflow.

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