October 13, 2020

Alteia accelerates the deployment of its enterprise AI solutions and announces global alliances with GE Digital and Microsoft

Alteia accelerates the deployment of its enterprise AI solutions and announces global alliances with GE Digital and Microsoft
Alteia, the leader in Visual Intelligence for Enterprise, lands two major partnerships with GE Digital and Microsoft. The Alteia platform combines the best of computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. It provides developers, data scientists, and business analysts one common and secure database for all of their visual data, enabling them to collaborate and rapidly develop, deploy, and improve AI-based applications over time. These alliances will allow customers to streamline the adoption of AI designed to address issues like inventory, energy management, predictive maintenance, and equipment reliability.


Alteia Enables GE Digital to Introduce a Visual Intelligence Platform for Power & Utilities

With the combined expertise of GE Digital and the Alteia platform, this alliance is designed to help fast-track the delivery of enterprise-scale industry and domain-specific AI applications, shorten the time to value, and accelerate the scaling of mission-critical solutions.


“Predictive analytics and network digital twins are changing the way digital utilities make business decisions, as the benefits of artificial intelligence and machine learning are being recognized across the industry,” said Sean Moser, Senior Vice President of Product Management for GE Digital’s Grid Software business.


“Management of vegetation in transmission and distribution corridors is key to providing a reliable electricity supply to ensure public and worker safety. Our visual intelligence solution will provide data-driven insights to reduce operational costs of survey data management, increase reliability and safety, and reduce liability risk. ”


“The future of operation and maintenance on industrial sites is based on visual data,” said Michael de Lagarde, CEO of Alteia. “Alteia is thrilled to be the provider of the technology stack on top of which GE Digital can build, deploy and market its own offer of AI applications for enterprise. It is the alliance of a technology specialist and a vertical leader that will produce the most relevant AI tool-suite on the market. ”


Alteia and Microsoft Enter a Strategic Partnership to Support Alteia’s Capabilities and go to Market Strategy

With this partnership, Alteia can leverage Microsoft Azure as an infrastructure layer and tap into the power of its elastic computing capabilities. The companies will conduct co-marketing and co-selling strategies that rapidly scale distribution globally and intensive training for dedicated teams to speed customers’ time to value. In addition, close collaboration between Microsoft and Alteia will help enable customers to more rapidly develop and deploy AI-based applications for transformative use cases, such as AI-based predictive maintenance, productivity management, and precision agriculture.


“Through this partnership, Microsoft and Alteia will help our customers accelerate their digital transformation and find new ways to drive innovation with AI thanks to the Alteia platform based on Microsoft Azure,” said Agnès Van de Walle, Director OCP, Microsoft France. “Alteia, with its recognized expertise in imagery analysis and visual intelligence, is a strategic partner for Microsoft, and together we will help customers across several industries address their maintenance, productivity, and management issues.


About Alteia

Alteia is a leading enterprise AI software provider for accelerating digital transformation with visual intelligence. The proven Alteia software environment provides comprehensive services to build enterprise-scale AI applications more efficiently and cost-effectively than alternative approaches. It supports any industry with prebuilt, configurable, high-value AI applications for predictive maintenance, safety analysis, productivity management, or yield estimation.

Alteia accelerates the deployment of its enterprise AI solutions and announces global alliances with GE Digital and Microsoft

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